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Diplazium australe

Family: Athyriaceae

Diplazium australe is a terrestrial fern forming short woody trunks with erect dark green, delicate fronds. The arrangement of sori resembles that of Deparia but fronds of Diplazium are more divided, larger and lack hairs when mature.
Found in lowland forest throughout New Zealand.

Vegetative characteristics

Fertile frond and sporangia

Plant form: short, woody trunk with fronds up to 1.2 m long

Frond appearance: similar to sterile frond

Frond stalk, midrib: scales at base of stalk

Sporangium location: lower frond surface

Frond shape: broadly oval

Sporangium position: along 1-2 sides of a leaflet vein

Frond blade: 3-pinnate (divided 3x into leaflets or pinnae)

Sporangia distribution: in groups (sori)

Frond surface: hairs

Sorus shape: elongate

Leaflets: oblong, round-ended with lobed or toothed margins

Sorus covering: elongated, free edge toothed to deeply lobed