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Lastreopsis glabella

Family: Dryopteridaceae

Lastreopsis glabella is a terrestrial fern with erect stems bearing dark green, 5-angled fronds with reddish-brown hairs on the upper surfaces of the frond axis (rachis) and leaflet veins.
An endemic species found in damp lowland or coastal forest throughout New Zealand.

Vegetative characteristics

Fertile frond and sporangia

Plant form: creeping to erect stems with fronds up to 40 cm in length

Frond appearance: similar to sterile frond

Frond stalk, midrib: flat brown scales; reddish-brown hairs

Sporangium location: on lower frond surface

Frond shape:  oval

Sporangium position: to either side of vein

Frond blade: 3-pinnate (divided 3x into leaflets or pinnae)

Sporangia distribution: in groups (sori)

Frond surface: hairs

Sorus shape: circular

Leaflets: stalked, narrow, toothed, pointed at tip

Sorus covering:  kidney-shaped