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Cardiomanes reniforme - raurenga, kidney fern

Filmy fern family: Hymenophyllaceae

Cardiomanes reniforme has long creeping stems (rhizomes) forming extensive mats on the ground, trees and rocks. The shiny fronds are  kidney-shape to almost round with sori borne around the margin. Within each sorus the sporangia are attached to a central stalk (receptacle). Formerly Trichomanes reniforme.
An endemic fern found throughout the North Island and the West coast of the South Island.

Vegetative characteristics

Fertile frond and sporangia

Plant form: creeping rhizome with fronds 10 x 13 cm

Frond appearance: similar

Frond stalk, midrib: hairless with wings

Sporangium location: frond margin

Frond shape: round to kidney-shaped

Sporangium position:

Frond blade: undivided

Sporangia distribution: in groups (sori) around a receptacle

Frond surface: leathery

Sorus shape: elongate

Leaflets: 0

Sorus covering: basal cup-shaped indusium