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Pellaea falcata

Family: Pteridaceae

Pellaea falcata is a terrestrial fern with a creeping stem (rhizome) bearing erect, narrow and leathery fronds with oblong, sickle-shaped (falcate) leaflets.
Found on northern offshore islands and a few locations in the upper half of the North Island.

sVegetative characteristics

Fertile frond and sporangia

Plant form: creeping stems with fronds up to 70 cm in length

Frond appearance: similar to sterile frond

Frond stalk, midrib: brown, with scales

Sporangium location: on lower frond surface

Frond shape: linear

Sporangium position: on slightly reflexed leaflet margin

Frond blade: once divided (pinnate)

Sporangia distribution: in groups (sori)

Frond surface: glossy, leathery,

Sorus shape: linear, continuous

Leaflets: short-stalked, oblong-curved with smooth margins, gradually tapering to a point

Sorus covering: indusium absent; covered by inrolled leaflet margin