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Lycopodium scariosum

Clubmoss family: Lycopodiaceae

Lycopodium scariosum is a terrestrial clubmoss with a creeping stem forming rigid, many-branched erect stems. There are two lateral rows of larger, spreading, flat and sickle-shaped leaves and one dorsal row of smaller needle-like appressed close to the stem. Terminal cones are formed on upright branches.
Found throughout New Zealand

Vegetative characteristics

Fertile stem and sporangia

Plant form: terrestrial plants up to 50 cm;

Stem appearance: differentiated into terminal erect cones up to 5 cm, solitary or in groups

Leaf arrangement: singly along the stem, flattened in one plane and of two sizes

Sporangium location: on upper surface of cone sporophyll

Leaf shape: lateral leaves are flat, sickle-shaped; dorsal leaves are needle-like

Sporangium position: at base of cone sporophyll

Leaf size: lateral leaves up to 40 mm; dorsal leaves up to 20 mm

Sporangia distribution: one per cone sporophyll

Leaf surface: smooth, leathery

Sporangium covering: 0