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Lycopodium deuterodensum - puakarimu

Clubmoss family: Lycopodiaceae

Lycopodium deuterodensum is a terrestrial clubmoss with a creeping stem forming tall erect branches. Some aerial stems have spreading, needle-like leaves, others have  appressed, scale like leaves. Aerial shoots form distinct cones at the ends of branches.
Found on the upper half of the North Island in coastal to lowland forest and scrub and on the Chatham Islands.

Vegetative characteristics

Fertile stem and sporangia

Plant form: terrestrial plants up to 1 m;

Stem appearance: differentiated into terminal erect cones up to 35 mm

Leaf arrangement: singly in a spiral along the stem; spreading or appressed to the stem

Sporangium location: on upper surface of  sporophyll

Leaf shape: scale-like or needle-like; pointed at tip

Sporangium position: at base of sporophyll

Leaf size: up to 20 mm

Sporangia distribution: one per sporophyll

Leaf surface: hairs (cilia) around leaf base

Sporangium covering: 0