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Phylloglossum drummondii

Clubmoss family: Lycopodiaceae

Phylloglossum drummondii is a small plant with an underground tuber that produces basal clusters of grass-like sterile leaves annually. A yellowish cone is formed at the tip of an erect stem.
A genus with only one species restricted to New Zealand and Australia. Found throughout the North and South islands in coastal to lowland locations.

Vegetative characteristics

Fertile stem and sporangia

Plant form: terrestrial plants up to 4 cm high

Stem appearance: a solitary erect stem with terminal cone

Leaf arrangement: in dense cluster at tip of compact stem (in a rosette)

Sporangium location: on upper surface of cone sporophyll

Leaf shape: linear, tubular, pointed at tip

Sporangium position: at base of cone sporophyll

Leaf size: up to 3 cm

Sporangia distribution: one per cone sporophyll

Leaf surface: smooth, fleshy 

Sporangium covering: 0