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Ephemeropsis trentepohlioides

Family: Daltonaceae

Ephemeropsis trentepohlioides  is an unusual moss. In most mosses, the spore germinates to form juvenile developmental stages called protonemata, composed of  algal-like, branching filaments which eventually form buds that grow out into three dimensional leafy shoots. However, in Ephemeropsis trentepohlioides, the protonema is persistent and assumes the major photosynthetic role.  When formed, buds are very small and develop into minute reproductive shoots bearing either antheridia or archegonia, surrounded by several small leaf-like bracts (perichaetial, perigonial bracts).  

Widespread in New Zealand where it forms yellow-red-brown mats on living and dead bark, twigs and leaves of a number of native shrubs and trees.