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Sciadocladus menziesii - umbrella moss

Family: Hypnodendraceae

Sciadocladus menziesii has creeping stems with upright branches (stipes) which lack a tomentum and terminate in an umbrella-like frond. Fronds are pinnately branched (branches regularly arranged in one plane to either side of the frond axis) and bear leaves that broadly taper at the tip, with a protruding (excurrent) vein (nerve). The setae are few, very long and bear smooth capsules.  Formerly Hypnodendron menziesii.

Widespread in New Zealand, in moist forest.

See Find by Genus page for other umbrella mosses: Canalohypopterygium, Dendrohypopterygium, Hypopterygium, Hypnodendron, Mniodendron.