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Hypopterygium species - umbrella moss

Family: Hypopterygiaceae

Hypopterygium species have a prostrate creeping primary stem that forms erect secondary branches (stipes). Each stipe terminates in an almost circular umbrella-like frond with pinnate branches (branches regularly arranged in one plane to either side of the frond axis). Arranged along each branch there are two rows of elliptical-to-ovate leaves (lateral leaves) that wrap around the stem. There is an additional row of smaller, circular-to-oblong leaves (underleaves) on the lower side of the branch.

Widespread in New Zealand in moist forest.

See Find by Genus page for other umbrella mosses : Canalohypopterygium, Dendrohypopterygium, Hypnodendron, Mniodendron, Sciadocladus.