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NZ Plants

Macromitrium gracile

Family Orthotrichaceae

Macromitrium gracile has long creeping stems with short upright branches. The moist leaves are green, curled, narrow and with sharply-pointed (acute) tips. Leaves are up to 3 mm long with longitudinal folds at the base. The nerve fails just short of the leaf tip. Dry stems often have the tips of older, mature leaves broken off and the slender tips of the smaller, younger leaves emerge horizontally giving a characteristic spiky appearance to the dry shoot tips.  The stalk (seta) of the sporophyte is 3-5 mm in length. The calyptra (capsule covering) lacks hairs and is deeply lobed at the base. The capsule is 1-2.5 mm long, ovoid and ribbed at the mouth.

An endemic species widespread in New Zealand on tree trunks and branches.