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NZ Plants

Glyphothecium sciuroides

Family: Ptychomniaceae

Glyphothecium sciuroides forms dense erect or loose pendent turfs. Shoots are 1-10 cm long, bright green or olive green above, yellow to golden below and sparingly branched. Stems are orange-brown and bear minute leaf-like outgrowths (paraphyllia). Leaves are overlapping, ovate-eliptic, 1.5-2.3 mm long, concave and with longitudinal folds (plicae) at the base and with long tapering tips and a finely-toothed margin. Dark filamentous brood bodies (gemmae) are borne on the upper parts of the stems. Capsules are erect, ovoid to cylindrical and deeply furrowed.

Widespread as an epiphyte in damp forest.