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Avicennia marina subsp. australasica - manawa, mangrove

Family Acanthaceae

Avicennia marina subsp. australasica is a many-branched woody shrub or small tree favouring tidal flats of harbours and estuaries. It is easily recognized by its bushy growth with opposite fleshy leaves and aerial roots (pneumatophores) which rise vertically from the mud. Named after the Persian philosopher, scientist and poet, Ibn Sina (Latinized name Avicenna).
Found from near North Cape south to latitude 38o.

Vegetative characteristics Reproductive characteristics
Plant form: woody shrub to small tree 12 m Arrangement of parts: symmetric
Leaf form: elliptic, oblong to ovate Flower size: 6-7 mm diam.
Leaf size: 50-100 mm Sepals: 5
Leaf arrangement: in opposite pairs Petals: 4, yellow, orange
Leaf attachment: Sexuality: bisexual
Leaf margin: smooth Stamens: 4
Leaf surface: hairs, glands Ovary: above petals
  Fruit: capsule