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Hoheria sexstylosa - long-leaved lacebark

Mallow family: Malvaceae

Hoheria sexstylosa is a small tree with weeping banches and dark green to grey green leaves that are longer and narrower than those of H. populnea. Juvenile plants have is a twiggy shrub with deeply incised leaves.
An endemic species found in lowland forest from the middle of the North Island to the upper half of the South Island.

Vegetative characteristics

Reproductive characteristics

Plant form: shrub up to 18 m

Arrangement of parts: symmetric

Juvenile form: twiggy shrub with interlaced and drooping branches

Flower size:  20 mm diam.

Leaf form: undivided, oval-lanceolate; juvenile ovate, deeply incised.

Sepals: 5

Leaf size: 2-8 cm

Petals: 5,white

Leaf arrangement: singly along stem

Sexuality: bisexual

Leaf attachment: stipule

Stamens: numerous

Leaf margin: toothed

Ovary: above

Leaf surface: hairs

Fruit: dry