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Metrosideros perforata - aka

Myrtle family: Myrtaceae

Metrosideros perforata is a tall woody climber in the forest but in exposed areas it becomes busy with tangled branches. Its leaves are small but have striking circular glands.
An endemic species found from the North Island to the middle of the South Island.

Vegetative characteristics

Reproductive characteristics

Plant form: vine

Arrangement of parts: symmetical


Flower size: 10 mm diam. X 10-15 mm long

Leaf form: undivided, ovate-circular

Sepals: 5

Leaf size: 8-12 mm

Petals: 5, white, pink

Leaf arrangement: opposite pairs on stem

Sexuality: bisexual

Leaf attachment:

Stamens: numerous

Leaf margin: smooth, curved under

Ovary: below petals

Leaf surface: hairs on undersurface

Fruit: dry