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Fuschia excorticata - kotukutuku, tree fuchsia

Evening primrose family: Onagraceae

Fuschia excorticata is a small, many-branched tree, the largest species of Fuchsia in the world.  The distinctive bark is reddish and papery and with age peels away in long strips. The leaves are dark green with very silvery undersides and prominent veins. Fuchsia is a genus of about 70 species found mostly in Central and South America. Named after Leonhard Fuchs (1501-1566), German physician, botanist and herbalist.
An endemic species found throughout New Zealand from lowland to mountain forest.

Vegetative characteristics

Reproductive characteristics

Plant form: tree up to 13 m

Arrangement of parts: symmetric


Flower size: 10-15 mm diam. x 20-30 mm long

Leaf form: undivided, oval-lanceolate

Sepals: 4, red, orange, green

Leaf size: 30-120 mm

Petals:  4, dark purple

Leaf arrangement: singly along stem

Sexuality: bisexual, unisexual

Leaf attachment: stipule

Stamens: 8

Leaf margin: toothed

Ovary: below the petals

Leaf surface: smooth

Fruit: fleshy