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Pennantia corymbosa - kaikōmako

family: Pennantiaceae

Pennantia corymbosa is a tree with cork-filled breathing pores (lenticels) on the larger branches. The smaller branches have a covering of fine hairs and bear leathery, oblong leaves with toothed margins. Juvenile specimens have an interlacing branching habit (divaricating) and very small oval leaves. Flowers are unisexual with male and female on different trees (dioecious).
An endemic species found in lowland forest on the North and South Islands, although uncommon north of Auckland.

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Vegetative characteristics

Reproductive characteristics

Plant form: tree up to 12 m

Arrangement of parts: symmetric

Juvenile form: a bush with interlacing (divaricating) branches and small leaves

Flower size: 5-8 mm diam.

Leaf form: undivided, obovate to oblong

Sepals: 5

Leaf size: 300-500 mm; juvenile 7-15 mm

Petals: 5, white

Leaf arrangement: singly along stem

Sexuality: unisexual

Leaf attachment:

Stamens: 5

Leaf margin: toothed

Ovary: above petals

Leaf surface: hairless

Fruit: fleshy