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Veronica tetragona - whipcord hebe

Family: Plantaginaceae

Veronica tetragonia is a low bushy to spreading shrub.  The stems are 4-angled with narrow, strongly keeled and pointed scale leaves. Formerly Hebe tetragona.
An endemic species in subalpine shrub and grasslands on the mountains of the North Island. 

 Vegetative characteristics

Reproductive characteristics

Plant form: shrub up to 1 m

Arrangement of parts: asymmetric

Leaf bud: distinct gap (sinus) absent

Flower size: 3 - 4 mm

Leaf form: undivided

Sepals: 5

Leaf size: 2-3 mm

Petals: 5

Leaf arrangement: in opposite pairs, overlapping

Sexuality: bisexual

Leaf attachment:

Stamens: 2

Leaf margin: hairs

Ovary: above petals

Leaf surface: hairless

Fruit: dry

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