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Melicope ternata - wharangi

Rue family: Rutaceae

Melicope ternata is a large many-branched bush with leaves divided into three leaflets. Leaflets are a bright shiny green with slightly wavy margins.
An endemic species found in coastal and lowland areas in the North Island to the northern part of the South Island.

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Vegetative characteristics

Reproductive characteristics

Plant form: shrub up to 8 m

Flower symmetry: symmetric


Flower size: 8-10 mm diam.

Leaf form: of three elliptic parts(leaflets)

Sepals: 5

Leaf size: leaflets 50-100 mm

Petals: 5, green

Leaf arrangement: opposite

Sexuality: bisexual to unisexual

Leaf attachment:

Stamens: 8-10

Leaf margin: smooth

Ovary: above petals

Leaf surface: smooth, glands

Fruit: dry