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Pouzolzia australis - Kermadec tree nettle

Nettle family: Urticaceae

Pouzolzia australis is a shrub with handsome oval leaves with pointed tips, slightly wrinkled surfaces and toothed margins. Both stems and leaves have a dense covering of soft silvery hairs. Very small flowers are compactly arranged in clusters at the base of leaves. Formerly known as Boehmeria dealbata. A pan tropical genus of about 35 species named after the French botanist and plant collector Pierre Marie Casimir de Pouzolz (1785-1858).
Found in the Kermadec Islands, Norfolk Island and Lord Howe Island.

Vegetative characteristics

Reproductive characteristics

Plant form: shrub up to 8 m

Flower symmetry: symmetric

Leaf form: undivided, ovate-lanceolate

Flower size: 1-2 mm diam.

Leaf size: 70-150 mm

Tepals (sepals indistinguishable from petals): 3-5, green

Leaf arrangement: alternate

Sexuality: unisexual on different plants

Leaf attachment: stipule

Stamens: 3-5

Leaf margin: toothed

Ovary: above tepals

Leaf surface: hairs

Fruit: dry