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Pseudowintera colorata - mountain horopito

Family: Winteraceae

Pseudowintera colorata is a shrub with dark red branches. The leathery leaves are not glossy and are a yellowish green on the upper surface and are almost white on the lower surface. Leaves of plants have a distinctive reddish pigmentation which may be restricted to the leaf margin or to localised areas on the blade or spread over the entire leaf blade.An endemic found at higher elevations on the North Island, descending to lowlands on the South Island.

Vegetative characteristics

Reproductive characteristics

Plant form: shrub up to 2 m

Flower symmetry: symmetric


Flower size: 8-10 mm diam.

Leaf form: undivided, elliptic-ovate

Sepals: 5-6, joined

Leaf size: 20-60 mm

Petals: 5-6, green

Leaf arrangement: alternate

Sexuality: unisexual on different plants

Leaf attachment:  

Stamens: numerous

Leaf margin: smooth

Ovary: above petals

Leaf surface: hairless, glands

Fruit: fleshy